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What Is Top Load Auto Service And Why It Is Necessary for You?


Working in-car delivery means using lots of specific terms and slang words we are operating daily, fully unknown to common people until they need to get their car shipped. Even in this case, some phrases stay a mystery but knowing them is useful and even saves your money.

Today, let's talk a bit about terms like that taking as the example top load car.

A Little Intro Into Types of Trucks for Car Shipping

The most convenient and let's just say cheaper way of car shipping is van transportation. Due to the diverse network of highways and interstates in the US, trucks move vehicles everywhere.

By ordering car transport services, a customer books date and waits for a pick-up moment to handle vehicle keys to a trucker. Do you know what types of truckloads you can order when applying for an automobile hauling? They are divided into two categories:

  • Enclosed vans with a covered tented trailer or a container set on the platform to get automobiles fully closed. These ones are able to move only a few items at one time and their services are costly.
  • The open truck is a cheap but safe option. It is divided into two parts.     One is a lorry with an open platform of 1 floor. Another is classy for car transportation, being a double-decker.    

In the open truck, as usual, new automobiles from the warehouse are transported. It may happen that the hauling company has multiple vehicles to move in one direction. It may offer you a profitable option of open truckload transportation. In this case, you can request a top-load transport.

Enclosing Top-Load Cars?

It means placing your car on the second floor of a double-decker. Why the top-load car is advantageous? We have a few reasons for this.


  • Ordering a top-load, the vehicle will be placed on the top platform and there will be no autos above it. It is a rare occasion when cars from the top platform can damage lower automobiles but it is better to be on the safe side.
  • You have no idea if vehicles from the upper platform have no lesions. If there are oil or gas leaks all the liquid may fall on the auto's body if it is not top-loaded.
  • One more reason to choose the option like that is safety and a lower chance of getting damage from occasional stone or dust being on the route. There is lots of trash lying on interstates or roads like stones and pieces of glass, old tires' parts, or even cans. When moving at high speed, all this trash comes into the air getting right in the windshield, harming side mirrors, or making scratches on the body. For a top-loaded auto, the chance to get injures is minimal.    

When preferring an open platform shipping, the top-load is a privilege. It is costly than standard variants helping you save nerve cells.

Reasons to Require for a Top-Load Service

Talking about why this car transport service is popular, firstly, it is a safety question. When transporting a classic vehicle, a newly bought in the salon, ordering delivery for your dealership, it is better to choose the top-load option for your cars to arrive in perfect condition.

It helps people who are worried about the automobile and want to add confidence that it will remain safe and sound while moving.

Cases of Non-Obligatory Option

Let's look at cases when the top load doesn't make sense in general.

  • Transporting old mobiles that are intended for a showdown or auto repair shop.
  • For clients who don't afraid of the possibility of damaging your automobile during delivery, or if it is not too important for you.
  • In conditions of a limited budget or urgent shipping. Then the company selects the optimal way to fulfill your order based on requirements and capabilities.

In some cases, a top-load isn't a good idea. First is an exotic cars shipping, moving rarities, vintages or exclusives. A closed body is the best solution, albeit a costly one. It's worth choosing delivery in an enclosed van for people who fear for their road car due to weather conditions. Neither snow, nor rain, nor wind will affect it. For convertibles, this option is desirable, although not required.


Top load car service is a good idea for your auto if you choose open truck transportation. It helps to save nerves and keep your car far from road debris that can damage it. It costs more than a standard hauling on the first floor of a double-decker but sometimes it is necessary to order that service.

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