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Your car will be transported to the enclosed truck and this will protect your car from damage, rain, dust, and stones. This is the best solution if your car is expensive or vintage.
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If your car is absolutely serviceable, it means that it is operable. If the car won't start, or it can't be. transported by yourself - you should remove the checkbox and tell the manager the state of the car.
Top loading is a great way to keep your car safe from unwanted damage, dirt, and dust by placing it in a safer position.
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Insights for Car Dealers in Online Auctions

CarsHauler offers peace of mind for auctioneers and dealers alike. If your company is venturing into the online auction market, reliable vehicle shipment is crucial to ensure the utmost care during transportation. With our specialized approach and exceptional services, we enhance the reliability of your business and instill trust in your clients. Count on CarsHauler to provide reliable and secure transportation solutions that safeguard the reputation of your company.

Unparalelled Convenience

Find the ideal solution to streamline your business's operations.

Since 2013, CarsHauler has been dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of auctioneers and dealers, allowing us to develop a deep understanding of all aspects of the market. With our commitment to professionalism and the precision of our deliveries, combined with the added benefit of free access to B2C tools, we instill confidence in your customers regarding the reputation and high level of professionalism of your company. With CarsHauler, your customers will have no hesitation or uncertainty about the exceptional reputation and professionalism of your company.

Why Choose CarsHauler?

What makes CarsHauler a reliable cornerstone for dealers and auctioneers?

Over the course of 10 years, CarsHauler has consistently delivered exceptional services to companies involved in online auctions, solidifying its position as a reliable pillar for trusted partners. Through our unique collaboration approach, we ensure the healthy growth of businesses of any size. By affiliating with CarsHauler, our clients gain numerous benefits that significantly enhance the reliability of their operations and the quality of their services. This allows their companies to be seen as a trusted solution in the eyes of their customers. Simplify your operations by partnering with CarsHauler, an expert in the industry.

Finalize the agreement

Reach a clear and mutually satisfactory agreement on the terms and conditions

The flexibility of our terms is what sets CarsHauler apart and attracts a large number of dealers in the US. By partnering with CarsHauler through an agreement, you gain access to proven benefits designed by specialists in the online auction market. Our unique system is geared towards optimizing your business's performance and delivering top-quality services. This will establish your company as one that is highly rated and trusted within the industry.

Experience a cooperative partnership with unwavering confidence.

Obtain convenient solutions for auto shipments.

We recognize that customer confidence and preference are built upon convenience and trust. By choosing CarsHauler, you will benefit from systems which differentiate you from competitors, attracting customers to choose your services. The exceptional quality and convenience you provide will be complemented by the unmatched safety and trust associated with CarsHauler. This combination will enhance your presence in the market, attracting a substantial increase in client acquisition.

Gathering and Sharing the Fruits of Our Efforts

Sharing the Benefits: Fueling the Healthy Growth of Your Business

Our collaboration is driven by the objective of fostering the healthy growth of our partners' businesses and delivering winning services that propel their companies to the top. Through the sharing of experience and skills, our brands work together harmoniously to achieve mutual benefits and smarter solutions. This collaborative approach allows both parties to fully realize their business goals and successfully accomplish predetermined objectives.

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges with the Support of a Trusted Expert Partner

Amidst the challenges posed by recent international complexities, the financial dynamics in the realm of online auctions and car dealings have been affected, causing a slowdown in various aspects. Nevertheless, CarsHauler has intensified its commitment to supporting partners and clients. We offer unwavering assistance and financial stability to uphold the distinguished tradition of quality that has always defined our company. Our aim is to elevate industry standards in the United States, ensuring the continued excellence of CarsHauler.


Consistency in Business Excellence

The consistency of our company is defined by the delivery of high-quality services and the exceptional professionalism of our dedicated team. With ten years of experience, our team is fully committed to providing efficient support that aligns with the achievement of our company's goals.


Bilateral Benefits

At CarsHauler, our goal in establishing partnerships is not based on one-sided profit, but rather on fostering strong cooperation that brings mutual benefits to both companies involved.


Flexible Terms

The conditions we propose are carefully designed to be flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of our partners. We prioritize creating a comfortable and accommodating environment for our affiliates, ensuring that they can agree with our terms and feel at ease throughout our partnership.


Exclusive B2C Tools

By gaining complimentary access to our exclusive B2C tools, your business will benefit from seamless integrations that streamline and automate various tasks such as managing and processing quotes and estimates. These tools are designed to simplify and enhance technological processes, offering increased speed and efficiency. The utilization of these tools will set your company apart from others, providing a higher level of productivity and resolution.


Our Company

With a decade of experience, we have been dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.

CarsHauler has earned recognition nationwide as one of the most reliable and trusted solutions for auto shipments throughout the United States. With a decade of experience in car delivery, we possess a comprehensive understanding of our clients' needs in any given circumstance. Our specialized team comprises highly skilled professionals who are committed to personally addressing your inquiries and tailoring the best solutions to meet your specific requirements. This allows us to provide unparalleled and distinctive services that set CarsHauler apart from any other transport company in the market.

Our Reviews

Our customers hold our shipping services in high regard, consistently expressing their satisfaction with the professionalism, efficiency, and reliability we bring to every transport.

Our customers consistently express their utmost satisfaction with our shipping services. They appreciate the level of professionalism, efficiency, and reliability that we bring to every transport. Their positive feedback highlights the seamless and hassle-free experience of working with our dedicated team. With numerous testimonials praising our exceptional customer service and timely delivery, our customers have become our biggest advocates. We take pride in their trust and loyalty, which fuels our commitment to providing the best shipping experience possible.

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