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Your car will be transported to the enclosed truck and this will protect your car from damage, rain, dust, and stones. This is the best solution if your car is expensive or vintage.
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If your car is absolutely serviceable, it means that it is operable. If the car won't start, or it can't be. transported by yourself - you should remove the checkbox and tell the manager the state of the car.
Top loading is a great way to keep your car safe from unwanted damage, dirt, and dust by placing it in a safer position.
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Navigating the Nation

CarsHauler's Advanced
Routing System

With years of experience and unwavering attention to detail, CarsHauler has developed a systematic process for car transport. Our operations are driven by a commitment to treat entrusted property with utmost care. We possess an in-depth understanding of our routes, including complexities like branches on the road and sharp turns. At each stage, our drivers receive instructions to anticipate upcoming circumstances, which are logged into our software to ensure comprehensive awareness. When handling a car delivery, we rely on well-traveled paths that we have navigated countless times in the past.

How It Works

Experience the convenience of shipping your car with CarsHauler in just a few simple steps.

We have established a service system designed to streamline the vehicle delivery process, offering flexibility and a wide range of options to meet our customers' specific needs. With CarsHauler, you can enjoy the advantages of simplicity, safety, and reliability, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience for all your car shipment requirements.

Step one
Get an instant free quote through our Car Shipping Calculator
You've realized that CarsHauler is the perfect choice for you, but now you're wondering how to proceed and get a quote. It's easy with CarsHauler! Just fill out the requested information in our calculator, choose from the various options we provide, and receive an instant and accurate estimate!
Step two
Track Your Order
Our state-of-the-art tracking system ensures you will receive consistent updates regarding the status and condition of your vehicle. Our dedicated team is committed to providing timely information, allowing you to stay informed about the location and well-being of your vehicle throughout its journey.
Step three
Door-to-Door Premium Delivery
Experience time savings and exceptional service with CarsHauler. Opt for our convenient Door-to-Door delivery option and be amazed by the comfort and precision we provide. Just like it was our own, we will pick up and drop off your vehicle with utmost care. Our drivers will ensure that your car is delivered as close as possible, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with CarsHauler's Door-to-Door service.
Step four
Tell your friends about your
experience with us!
CarsHauler is a unique company that rewards its clients for sharing their satisfaction. Don't miss the opportunity to get rewarded for your feedback! Share your experience with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, and we'll show our gratitude by offering special discounts on your next shipments.

Why Us

What makes CarsHauler the ideal choice?

CarsHauler has built a strong reputation over the years by consistently providing high-quality service and personalized solutions to countless customers throughout the US. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we have become a trusted and highly rated company in the industry. Whether it's shipping any type of vehicle or offering competitive prices and exceptional service, CarsHauler is the right place for your transportation needs.


Step 1:
Request a Quote

To begin the car transport process with CarsHauler, simply initiate by requesting a quote. Fill in essential details such as the specific pickup and delivery locations, including zip codes or addresses, as well as pertinent information regarding the vehicle, such as make, model, and any unique characteristics. Additionally, you have the opportunity to specify your preferred transport options, such as open or enclosed carrier, to tailor the service according to your needs.


Step 2:
Booking and Scheduling

Once you accept the quote, our team will work with you to finalize the booking and schedule the pickup of your vehicle. We will coordinate the most convenient time and location for pickup. Prior to loading your vehicle, our driver will conduct a thorough inspection, noting any existing damages and ensuring an accurate record of the vehicle's condition.


Step 3:
Transport and Tracking

Depending on your chosen transport option, such as open or enclosed transport, your vehicle will be loaded onto the appropriate carrier. Our drivers are experienced and trained to handle vehicles with care. Throughout the transport process, you can stay informed about the progress of your vehicle. CarsHauler provides tracking and updates, allowing you to monitor the status of your shipment.


Step 4:
Delivery and Final Inspection

Once your vehicle reaches the destination, our driver will perform another inspection to ensure it arrived in the same condition. You or a designated recipient will receive the vehicle, and any outstanding payments will be settled. Throughout the entire process, CarsHauler maintains clear communication and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free car transport experience, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely and on time.

Our Reviews

Our customers hold our shipping services in high regard, consistently expressing their satisfaction with the professionalism, efficiency, and reliability we bring to every transport.

Our customers consistently express their utmost satisfaction with our shipping services. They appreciate the level of professionalism, efficiency, and reliability that we bring to every transport. Their positive feedback highlights the seamless and hassle-free experience of working with our dedicated team. With numerous testimonials praising our exceptional customer service and timely delivery, our customers have become our biggest advocates. We take pride in their trust and loyalty, which fuels our commitment to providing the best shipping experience possible.

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