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Car Transport Quotes. Are They Easy to Get?


For rational people, price matters. It is true not only when planning to buy something valuable and expensive but even choosing the best facility provider. This means, even if you're looking for a reliable car shipping company, you may pay attention not only to the conditions and terms of fulfilling orders but to the cost.

In a perfect reality, receiving car transport quotes is a piece of cake. But it isn't so frequently. Haven't you faced with a situation when you require the service but the manager avoids sending you a quote momentarily delaying the moment of claiming the price? We can bet, you have. Why are rates for car transport service important to receive before it was provided?

What Does It Mean for a Customer?

The cost is a cornerstone for many people looking for an enterprise to apply to. Nobody wants to pay more for things that cost less. When you choose whom to entrust your car delivery, you are probably comparing several operators according to criteria: features of the service, its scope, and car hauling prices. Information about the first two criteria is easy to find on the Internet, on the company's websites, then future expenses often remain mysterious.

It may be a feature of a certain company that wants customers to apply personally for info. It happens often for other reasons.

Why Do Companies're Hard to Claim Prices

With global computerization, everything could be found on the Internet. Except for the clear calculations. When you're searching for car shipping quotes, you face the next situation. The price isn't listed on the website. It may be normal as it's calculated manually depending on several following criteria:

  • The distance. Expenses for auto-delivery to the nearby city differ from the cost of moving it cross-country.    
  • Types of service. Enclosed truck delivery is more costly than the open platform shipping.    
  • A car's peculiarities. Exotic car shipping requires care and special conditions of delivery. For new cars coming from the plant conveyor, conditions differ. Take it into account.
  • Urgency. Some companies don't provide urgent car transporting regularly but they'll make an exception for you. If you pay extra.    

Quotes vary greatly. You'd be aware of them before confirming the order.

The absence of pricing or an online calculator on the website is a reason to apply for a quote. There is an option on the website to do this: a contact form to fulfill, a callback button etc. Don't hurry to leave a phone number. Better enter an e-mail address to get a quote. A reliable shopper won't be troubled listing you an e-mail containing the whole calculation. A careful and reliable company do it ASAP.

If you're recommended to enter a phone number, it's a red flag. We'll explain why is it so.

Why Do Companies Require Your Personal Info Instead of Giving a Quote?

There are also reliable haulers who prefer to communicate with the customer personally. It shouldn't be an obligatory option in our times. There are lots of fraudsters waiting how to get your personal info to bomb with spam. Non-bonafide operators often sell customers' cell numbers to spammers to get twice more profit. You're paying them for services and spammers pay for phone database.

It's a good idea to start communication not by phone but via online chatbot messenger, e-mail or other messengers including social networks.

What to Do in Case of Uncertain Pricing?

Unfortunately, the car hauling industry contains both reliable and unreliable service providers. It's better being on the safe side and taking preventing measures for unreliable auto hauliers.

  • Don't place a phone number on the website. Only when a manager has already texted all the calculations for request, you'll give your contacts to clarify details and confirm the order.
  • Read reviews on every operator you're comparing to look for the best car shippers by the client's opinion.    
  • Compare pricelists of several companies. Don't apply to operators with incredibly low pricing. Their quality may be subsequent to their     rates. Better appreciate the golden mean.    

For the customer, the importance of quotes is evident. Unfortunately, not every auto shipper understands it. Be aware of unreliable hauliers taking measures to protect your money and confidentiality.

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