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Preparing Your Car for a Long Trip: How to Keep It Save When Shipping?


Moving with the whole family, long-lasting business trips or just changing your place of residence due to a new job. All of them can happen to you so you may need to arrange your car trip while you'll be getting to a destination place by plane.

To do this, it is necessary to find a reliable car delivery company among the best car shippers. You'll easily do this by applying to Cars Hauler. Just check-up for our reviews to get you are on the right way.

But there is also a big work that you should do yourself. And it is preparational work with your vehicle to get it after drop-off in a perfect condition.

Preparing Your Car Step #1

So, you have already reserved the nearest day for your auto picking up to ship it. But you shouldn't sit around. It is time for a thorough inspection and preparation. And the first step you have to do is to visit a washing service. Why is it needed to wash a car before car shipping?

  • You'll accurately check all defects on an automobile's body. If there are more of them after the trip, you are welcome to apply for reclamation to the company. For example, there are commonly placed applications for extra paint chips in auto transport reviews.
  • Tiding up the interior helps you with finding lost items you've forgotten in your auto. There'll be something valuable among them.    

Step #2 in Preparation for Your Auto's Journey

After you've washed a car, don't take a rest and take photos in multiple projections fixing the actual condition. It is useful if your vehicle gets damaged because of some hot rod transport while shipping. Be sure, the trucker does this thing before picking up automobiles.

The Third Stage. Checking-Out

You're no doubt sure in a shipping company. But it's not a waste of time to check out all the interior for lost or valuable things usually kept in a glove box.

You need to remove all valuable equipment from your auto too. Be it a sound system or a DVD player, a GPS or a dashcam – better take it with other belongings.

Dismantle Loose Parts as Step #4

After all additional equipment was removed, to ensure your car journey is absolutely safe, it's necessary to remove loose parts of a vehicle. They are side mirrors that are #1 among fragile outside parts. You'd better dismantle bike or surf racks from the roof of the vehicle, remove antenna or additional spoilers that'll easily be damaged while delivery.


It is not an obligatory rule to have a fully functional engine. You should check it as it is necessary to inform your car transport service about its disability to allow it to take additional security measures.

For vehicles in working condition, maintenance is a good idea. Listing reasons for visiting your mechanic.

  • Your car is ready-to-go when dropped off. You don't need to seek a maintenance station in a new place of residence.
  • Keep your emergency brakes in fully working condition while transporting a vehicle.    
  • For convertibles, it is of great importance to inspect the roof and folding mechanism. To prevent water or wind harm, in convertibles, the top should be kept unfold.    

The Sixth Step Is Safety

After all, this is already done and there's a close timeline for your scheduled pick-up, take a look if the fuel sensor is signaling that the gas is off. Make a little journey nearby to empty a gas tank. It's allowed to have no more, than ¼ of a tank volume full when transporting an automobile. Do not neglect this rule and make it safe and ready for transportation.

Ready for Pick-Up? Let's Go!

All the preparations are finally done. Wait for a trucker and handle auto's keys to him while signing papers and paying the bill. There's one more question. Do you have an additional key set for your car? Be sure, you have it to avoid a nasty surprise if your keys are lost in the trip and you've no more sets for your auto. Don't waste time when waiting for your turn for a car shipping. Prepare it in advance for a trip.

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