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Transporting a Car Easy Secrets for Everyone


Relocation is a hard process for everyone. Nothing to say, each part of a process is a headache. Especially when it comes to the delivery of big items like a car.

Of course, there is a long and painful way out to drive your vehicle to a new place of residence yourself. But if the distance counts thousands of miles and you have lots of processes to do besides hauling it? Then, it is time to apply for a special service provided by hauling companies.

An application is quite an easy thing. Besides placing an order and paying for car shipping there are some things you should do before the trucker loads the automobile into his truck and gets on the route. They concern about the preparation routine. Let's reveal what should be done.


  • Preparing for Transportation. What to Begin With?
  • Washing Automobile as a Necessary Part of Preparation
  • Is There Anything Inside Your Vehicle?
  • What About Technical Condition?
  • Emptying the Tank Is Essential
  • Short     Summary

Preparing for Transportation. What to Begin With?

You are now at the very beginning of the path. The date of the move has been determined, you've reserved a truck and you're already preparing to change your place of residence. Not so simple! Even the best car shippers won't take on a shipment if your auto isn't prepared. According to industry standards, a vehicle during its delivery should adhere to the following requirements:


  • Be technically sound.
  • Be able to start the engine, coast, and brake.
  • Have a fully functional handbrake system.

Please, check it before your property sets off in the back of a truck. Get our car moving tips to perform this easily.

Washing Automobile as a Necessary Part of Preparation

You may be wondering: why should I wash the vehicle in advance because it'll spend time in a place far from sterile if you choose open platform hauling. But the secret is simple! On a freshly washed body, existing defects are always clearly visible.

Perhaps, you scratched the wing shortly before or a crack appeared on the headlight? Every defect should be noticed and, if possible, photographed. Take photos of the sides too. This may come in handy. The representative of the transport company will also take a photo before shipment because later he won't want to be responsible for the defects you haven't noticed. Unloading the vehicle at the destination, you can see whether the carrier has damaged it.

Washing the auto outside is only part of the preparation. Cars Hauler advises you to wash the inside of the interior. In the next paragraph of our to-do list, we'll explain why this is needed.

Is There Anything Inside Your Vehicle?

Washing the interior, you may find lots of interesting things. Lost small items, valuable documents forgotten in a glove box or a few bucks hid in it – replace them, please. Do not forget to clean up your car's trunk.

One more tip at this point is a special offer provided by your transport firm. In some of them, including us, 1 item of baggage is allowed to transport along with the vehicle. You can pack belongings in a box or suitcase to send them for free with your automobile. This option helps you save money and take less baggage when relocating. The requirement for baggage is it should suit your auto's trunk size.

What About Its Technical Condition?

We're sure your automobile is in good technical status. But let's be on the safe side! If there is any reason for doubt better make an appointment with a mechanic at a service station to check and fix breakouts. It is important for a car to move to inspect your auto's breaks.

For car shipping, emergency brakes should work unfailingly. Inspect tires too. Their condition affects the safety of delivery.

Emptying the Tank Is Essential

The next requirement provided by the car transport service company is an empty tank. It should contain less than ¼ of the whole gas volume. The requirement is logical. A full tank is a time bomb. A trucker won't get on a route with a hazard in his truck. Don't neglect that option and drain the trunk before you'll pass the key.

Short Summary

When our customers are asking how to make the moving of a car, we say, it's really easy. With these tips, you'll prepare it momentarily. We'll help with it if needed.

Remember the consistency: washing, shooting photos, inspecting what's inside, technical checking out, draining the trunk. That's all! One more tip to remember! Please, turn your alarm off before picking up your vehicle. Or it'll come to the destination point with face-melting sound effects due to accidental triggering of the alarm.

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