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An Urgent Auto Shipping Service. Some Tips You Should Know About It


Our customers are applying regularly with the request that sound like “Can you get my car shipped ungently?” We decided to show our hand and making you get through our service of a last-minute vehicle hauling. Let's start.


  • Some reasons why do you need a last-minute transportation
  • How is fast transporting arranged?
  • Is there any advanced payment?
  • What can you send while your car expresses shipping?
  • General preparations of a vehicle
  • What to check after the work is done?
  • How to choose a reliable Cars hauler?

Some Reasons Why Do You Need a Last-Minute Transportation

There are plenty of them. Some want to move urgently to another city or even state due to family circumstances requiring a person to change a residence emergently. To do it without your automobile at hand is a real die-hard deal. You may also require it at a long-time business trip that requires your months of working in another location. The fastest way to arrive at the place for a man is air travel. For your vehicle, it is, no doubt, an urgent car transport service. And a sudden changing of a post in your company, i.e. if you are appointed to another office is a valuable reason too. If your plans are changing in a minute, and you have to relocate suddenly, we'll provide you with last-minute car shipping.

How Is Fast Transporting Arranged?

The process is the same as the booking of a standard service. Contact us to get a quote. You are welcome to acquire more info with the help of our built-in calculator on the site. Our managers will reserve a date for you in the nearest open schedule windows, putting the highest priority on your order to make it fulfilled ASAP.

The cost and delivery time depends on several features you should take into account when booking an urgent car delivery. Here they are.

  • The distance between the pick-up and drop-off points. As it longer, the costlier will be the price.
  • Type of a vehicle matter! E.g. exotic car shipping     is more expensive due to special conditions that are necessary for it.
  • The route of the delivery. For routs along interstates and highways is     cheaper than wondering on some small roads far from basic state     directions.    
  • The type of truck is also among these features. It is more reliable to book an enclosed carrier but it is more costly.    
  • If you order expedited shipping it is a guarantee of your vehicle's safety while transportation. It costs extra. But it is worth the money.

We'll calculate the total for you in a minute to give you a full outlay immediately.

Is There Any Advanced Payment?

We do understand you are hurrying up making the whole process as easy as a piece of cake. That's why no extra documents are wanted and no prepayments. You'll pay for your order in a minute when you are handling your auto to a driver of a truck.

What Can You Also Send While Your Car Express Shipping?

We offer a special tip on how to save money a bit when moving. Just send one box or a valise in your auto's trunk. We'll keep it safe and it's for free. The main condition is that we are picking up only one box/case per order and it should fit in the trunk.

General Preparations of a Vehicle

As we are talking about a special experience of last-minute hauling there are less severe requirements for preparations. All you should do will take a little time so you do not need to hurry up with it.

  1. Take a visit to a carwash. Do not skimp the exterior washing as it helps you to find some forgotten items and to prepare the automobile     thoroughly.
  2. Dismantle all additional equipment i.e. bike racks or antennas.
  3. Empty your gas tank, please. Moving a vehicle with a full tank is a     hazardous deal. It is necessary to empty it at least ¾.
  4. Examine tires beforehand. They should be inflated and suit the new climate conditions. Especially if you are relocating from Florida to Alaska or Washington.    
  5. Checking brakes and emergency brakes condition is obligatory.    
  6. One more check-in is for the battery. It should be fully charged.
  7. And that's one more requirement. Please, turn off the alarm to prevent it     from accidentally triggering en route.

All these do not require you lots of time. For extremely busy persons, we offer to take this burden on our shoulders and to perform basic check-in both with washing and dismantling for you.

What to Check After the Work Is Done?

Finally, your automobile is dropped off at the destination point. Do not hurry to take it to a garage. First of all, provide a thorough inspection. The truck driver who delivered your car has already checked it. Better do it one more time to ensure no defects of scratches appeared while transporting.

How to Choose a Reliable Haulier

The car hauling industry is constantly improving the quality of its services. And we are no exception. So you do not need to search for a reliable transporter as we are here, at your side. Remember that high prices are not a guarantee of speed. So take into account the reputation and customer's positive reviews as a marker of the best car shippers.

With us, even the most emergent situation will be resolved ASAP. And our quick & non-disruptive last-minute transport service will do a good job for you.


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